Why Map, Even?

Digging into Wardley Mapping.

The first goal of any business is to survive. Hopefully, even thrive. Time and money are scarce, risks are high, and competition is tight. We find the best team we can and work really hard to succeed doing the thing we really care about.

In order to survive, we need to be able to get ahead of everyone else — by outsmarting them, being more effectively organized, and seeing and responding to change before they do. This would be pretty easy if nothing ever changed and everything was predictable. We could put our best minds together and plan the next five years and be done. But things change. And just like us, the rest of the world has to constantly move forward making decisions despite all the risk and uncertainty.

Most of the tools we have are built for a more predictable, slower changing world. There was a time when this worked fairly well, believe it or not. But Change happens so much faster now and we don’t have a lot of options yet when it comes to ways of managing that change.

At least not many that are wide spread and well understood. And if things are changing rapidly over time, wouldn’t it be an incredible advantage to know how to thrive in these conditions?

Seeing our business as a whole and how things change over time, that would be a great start. One thing Design has taught me is the value of visualizing ideas. We need to be able to see where there is the most risk and the most opportunity, to know what decisions to make and when.

Wardley Mapping helps us do these things. It also helps align your org to work more effectively, to understand and work towards clear strategic goals. Visualizing strategy is a huge advantage, it’s like playing chess against someone who can’t see the board.

It took me a while to get past the "how does it work" stage and start seeing real value as a cohesive whole, and wow this just touches the surface. Whether in business, product, strategy, Design, or just want some tools to navigate risks uncertainty of these times for yourself. I’ve found Wardley Mapping beyond worth digging into. Happy to geek out on any of this stuff if you want to learn more, let me know. What are you most curious about?

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